Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adding A Statment Necklace

I feel like getting ready for work would be so much easier with-out options... like having a few nice pencil skirts and a few blouses and then just adding some fabulous accessories to change up the look. Here I used the same skirt, 3 different white blouses, and 3 different statement necklaces. I feel like changing up 1 accessory completely changes the feel of the outfit. I chose pretty expensive options here, but you can find amazing statement necklaces that are budget friendly at antique and thrift stores, Ebay, and Forever21.


  1. So nice!! A simple outfit will always pop with the right accessories!
    Check you this French jewelry company called: GAS.
    I just got a pair of brilliant earrings and they have fab charm necklaces. They are very big in France, but haven't yet arrived in the US.
    Flora xoxo

  2. I would love to expand my statement necklace options over time. You're right they can totally change up a look. Ebay, vintage, and Banana Republic are good places to look.